Who doesn’t love it? Backingvocals (background vocals). You can hear them in almost every production. It usually fills the choruses with a warm or just energetic sound, depending on style and wishes of the singer. 

But coming up with and singing backinvocals is an art. A lot of creativity, musicality and understanding of harmonies goes into it. And then you have to be able to sing them. Not for every singer. We do that for you.

Below are our three backing vocalists. See ‘our packages’ for the possibilities and prices per vocalist.

our services

We offer three services:

  • Arranging/composing backing vocals. That can be just the chorus, or (part of) the verse, or oeh’s and ah’s. We provide a demo so you or someone else can record them.
  • Arranging/composing and recording the backing vocals. We send a demo for review and then provide the individual voices (all the individual voices) in high quality. You can then mix with that yourself.
  • Recording backing vocals only. If you already have backing vocals but are just looking for a rock-solid backing vocalist, you’ve come to the right place too.


This website is part of letsmakeyoursong. At letsmakeyoursong we write the music to your lyrics, create song lyrics for special occasions for example, record your vocals in one of our vocal studios and write music in all styles. From ballads, pop to Dutch songs.

And all that for the most affordable prices in the Netherlands. And always including vocal coaching, free backing track and free video on youtube. We are the only ones who offer this.  Look for more info here:


Below are our three backing vocal heroes


Marvin (1987) studied voice at the Havo for Music and Dance and Music Theater at Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. He started singing at a young age and at the age of 13 was already performing in the major theaters of the Netherlands in the Joop van den Ende production of “Oliver!”. He has since left theater-making behind to focus fully on a career as a vocalist, musician and songwriter. He is a vocalist for many productions and arranges and sings backing vocals.

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Evelien has years of practical experience as a singer in various bands and is a vocal coach/conductor. She sang at a young age and already invented second voices to well-known songs. She sings vocals for productions and is very experienced in devising and arranging backing vocals. 

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Melvin has many years of experience coming up with and singing backing vocals. This experience manifests itself in the original creation of harmonies for lead vocals. This musical jack-of-all-trades can handle any style of music and comes up with surprising backing vocals every time. He delivers the backing vocals as a demo and can also sing them.

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